Internet & Wireless

Network connections in the Library

Within the Main Library there are more than 700 network connection ports, distributed throughout all floors in both wings of the building. You just need to carry a cable and connect it to your computer. Ask at a service desk if you need help locating one.

Accessing the wireless network in the library

The Main Library currently offers wireless network access to JNU students, staff, and faculty throughout the building. You need to obtain an access from the Network & Educational Technology Center.

Establishing wireless network access

There are different methods of making a wireless connection to JNUnet Wireless in the Main Library, and on campus based on operating system you are using. Windows currently supports wireless access under XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Mobile devices are also supported.

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Will I be able to access the JNU Libraries’ online resources (e.g. the catalog, electronic journals, etc.) via the Wireless Network?

Yes. You can access to the library resources via the Wireless Network just like using cable.

Can I print from my computer via a Wireless Network connection?

Yes. You can print from your computer via a Wireless Network connection just like using cable.