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IEL(IEEE/IET Electronic Library)
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The IEEE/IET Electronic Library is brought to you via the IEEEXplore® digital library. Featuring content from IEEE as well as the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), IEL contains almost one-third of the world’s current literature in electrical engineering, communications, and computer science.

Get the latest research in a wide range of technologies

1.Aerospace and Defense
3.Computer Hardware and Software
5.Medical Devices
8.Power Engineering
11.Smart Grid

Features and Benifits

The most comprehensive and value-driven collection available through IEEEXplore, IEL delivers innovative information and powerful research tools:
1.unlimited, full-text access to more than three million documents;
2.documents delivered in PDF and HTML (as available) formats;
3.highly-cited, peer-reviewed research that fuels more new patents than any other publisher, including:
(1)170+ IEEE journals, magazines, and transactions
(2)20+ IET journals and magazines, plus 20+ IET conference titles
(3)proceedings from over 1,200 IEEE and IET annual conferences
4.more than 2,500 approved and published IEEE standards in key technology fields, with the option to add draft standards;
5.IEEE Redline Versions of Standards;
6.IEEE Standards Dictionary Online;
7.complimentary access to more than 4,600 papers from 20+ VDE conference titles;
8.access to articles accepted for future publication;
9.backfile to the late 1800s for select titles;
10.INSPEC® abstract/citation and bibliographic records;
11.robust search tools with a user-friendly interface; training and technical support;
13.unlimited article downloads;
14.daily updates with more than 20,000 new IEEE/IET articles added each month;
15.links that connect users directly from your library OPAC catalog to IEEE titles.

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