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Wiley Online Library hosts the most extensive multidisciplinary collection of online resources. Providing access to over two centuries of research, it comprises some of the most influential papers and discoveries in the life, health, physical sciences, social science and humanities. Coverage includes content from Wiley as well as key imprints such as Wiley-VCH, Jossey-Bass and IEEE.

Wiley Online Library has been engineered from the ground up in consultation with our users, publishing partners and customers to ensure it serves the complex needs of today's researchers, authors, professional and scholarly societies, libraries and information specialists.

Wiley Online Library delivers seamless, integrated access to high impact factor, peer-reviewed primary research and survey journals to meet the information needs of your institution. Operating in partnership with over 800 professional and scholarly societies, Wiley Online Library hosts the official journals of many internationally prestigious organizations. Journals are available at the title level or in four Standard Collections:

1.Science, Technology & Medicine Collection
2.Medicine & Nursing Collection
3.Social Science & Humanities Collection

4.Full Collection

Impact Factors for Wiley Journals According to Thomson ISI 2012 Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

1.Wiley publishes the largest share of titles in 50 JCR subject categories
2.1,192 journals are now ranked in the 2012 JCR, an increase of 3.2% from 2011 JCR
3.The number of Wiley journals with a top category rank increased by 19% from 2011 JCR
4.264 Wiley journals achieved a top 10 category rank across 341 categories

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