Jinan University Libraries

Jinan university library was established in 1927, now have five branches: cadre campus library (Shipai), southen campus library (Panyu), Zhuhai campus library, Chinese college library and Shenzhen tourism college library. Library with a total area of 80099m2, providing 8006 reading seats.

Library’s literature resources are rich in content, complete variety with reasonable structure, as of December 2015, and the copies are in total of 3.689 million, including 2.885 million from the cadre campus library and the south campus library. The annual literature purchase quantity is keep increasing, over 160,000 copies of printed documents purchased per-year. In recent years, the library introduced a large number of databases and electronic periodicals resources, now providing 152 Chinese or foreign databases, Chinese or foreign e-books about 2.06 million items, 43,000 items e-journals. The cadre campus library with the other branches overall planning, each have emphasize particularly on, formed, and sharing of literature resources guarantee system.

Library provides beautiful environment, advanced equipment and complete functions for readers, we keep deepening the people-oriented service concept, build flexible and open service pattern, highlights the modern informationize and smart library. The library use a single entrance and holds, borrow and read three in one all-circulation modes. Readers can not only free-access with bags, but also enjoy max free space. The library provides multimedia training rooms, the teacher and doctor zone, self-service photocopiers, self-check-in devices, self-circulated devices, self- sterilization devices. For readers form key disciplines, major scientific research projects or behalf of the school to participate in various competitions, the library provides personal study rooms, knowledge commons areas and other facilities.

Library with "promoting the Jinan culture, enjoys the life" for idea, "improve service levels, strengthen library domain atmosphere; expand the digital resources, highlight the collection features; strengthen the scientific research strength, promote the cultural heritage" as the core task, constantly improve literature resources guarantee system, expand the service level, enhance the connotation of the service to keep pace with teaching and researching’s development. In addition to providing book circulation, literature retrieval, interlibrary loan, document delivery, readers training services, also provides subject services such as sci-tech novelty retrieval, bibliometrics and subject accessment. We are keep developing reading promotion activities through "Jinan reading club " brand.

In 1995, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council authorized Jinan University to establish Data Center of Overseas Chinese Studies which aims to collect and develop more document literature relating to overseas Chinese. Presently the center's collections approximated 20,000 volumes academic compositions upon overseas Chinese studies in Chinese and foreign languages published in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeastern Asia, Europe and America ,etc. And in store there are over 400 kinds of academic journals, journals and correspondence of overseas Chinese , league publications and other forms of publications related with overseas Chinese. In 2011, the center opened the permanent Overseas Chinese Folk Literature Exhibition, which collected and exhibited more than 400 kinds of rare folk literature related to Chinese overseas during late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China era, such as certificate of residence, contract, Qiaopi, couching book, and so on. Moreover, we have created a thematic website of overseas Chinese (http://hqhr.jnu.edu.cn), and developed 8 thematic data bases of overseas Chinese, which includes some 200,000 pieces of data. Furthermore,the Full-text Databases of Books and Periodicals on Overseas Chinese Studies was devedloped,so most of the books and periodicals of the center can be searched and browsed online. The center publishes Overseas Chinese Express monthly and Overseas Chinese Review annually. At present, the center holds the largest quantity and variety of literatures for overseas Chinese study in the world.

In 2009, the library was listed among the second batch of National Key Protection Units for Ancient Works. Currently, thread-bound books amounts to over 120,000 volumes, 10,000 categories. Among them, there are nearly 5000 volumes of rare ancient books of 500 kinds. It should be noted that our library has more than 300 kinds of collections donated by Mr. Zhang Taiyan – the renowned master of Chinese culture, which amounts to nearly 4000 volumes. In addition, there are about 70,000 volumes books printed in the Republic of China period, more than 500 categories, 2,200 volumes of journals printed in the Republic of China period.

In 2011, became the ministry of education “sci-tech novelty retrieval workstation (Z15)”, one of the only two comprehensive workstation in Guangdong high education field.

Jinan university keep its humanities culture over a century. Library, with its rich resources and good cultural atmosphere, become the best area of reading, acquiring knowledge and exchanging culture for students, the second classroom of talents. All the people in the library to loyal dedication and warm and thoughtful service to librarians construction to become "the Jinan people's warm spiritual home" and "the south China distinctive holy land for books ".

(Updated on Dec. 2015)