Brief Introduction

Known as “the highest institution of overseas Chinese”, overseas Chinese studies1403169694113028427.jpg is an important academic tradition and characteristics in Jinan University. In order to provide better service for the subject construction,Jinan university library set up the Center of Documentation & Information on Overseas Chinese Studies (hereinafter referred to as the center)  in 1995. The center is the earliest institution in China which collecting and developing resources on overseas Chinese studies. In 2001, its website ( was formally established. After 4 times upgrading, the website has more than 30 columns, with professional, academic, information and dynamic, distinctive characteristics. Meanwhile, 8 special databases were developed with a collections of more than 180,000 records of bibliographies, portraits of overseas Chinese and related laws and regulations,etc..

In 2008, the center began to construct Data Center of Overseas Chinese studies in Jinan University cooperation with the Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies,which is also the Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science under Ministry of Education (Overseas Chinese Studies). In 2010, the center was named as“the Clifford L.K. Pang Center of Documentation & Information Center on Overseas Chinese Studies”.