The Literature Resources

Books and Periodicals

Up to now, the center has collected more than 25,000 copies of books and nearly 400 volumes of periodicals on overseas Chinese studies. All the books and periodicals are digitalized. You can search and browse the full-text through“the Full-text Databases of Books and Periodicals on Overseas Chinese Studies”.

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Qiao kan xiang xun

Qiao kan xiang xun is a kind of unique periodical published in the hometown of overseas Chinese and mainly issued to overseas folks. It has been reputed as collective letter. And it is also the specialist collections of the center. Currently, the center has collected more than 250 kinds of qiao kan xiang xun, including 170 kinds published in Guangdong Province.


Folk Literature

November 2011, “Overseas Chinese Folk Literature Exhibition Room” was officially opened. It is the only exhibition room which focuses on overseas Chinese folk literature among Universities inChina. There are more than 300 pieces of original overseas Chinese folk literature on display in the room. So far, the oldest one is a Contract of Chinese indentured labor (or Coolies)who moved to Cuba,(1855).