How do I Return Library Materials?

Return books

Return items on time.

Return items at the General Service Desk on second floor or at self-help borrowing and returning machine.

Books from the Main Library can be returned at any library.

During the closed hours of the Library, you can return books by Self-service Returning System (open 7*24 hours) outside the library.

Overdue fines

Once the borrowed books overdue, you will not be able to borrow books and should charge calculating fines.

Fines for books returned late will be charged as follows:

Loan type

Avoid Period

1st Period

2nd Period

CH & Foreign language collections

First week

Day 1-21 ¥0.10/Day

Day 22 onward ¥0.20/Day

New books

&HK.MA.TW collections


Day 1-21 ¥0.10/Day

Day 22 onward ¥0.20/Day

How to pay fines

Fines less than 5 Yuan, it will not effect your borrowing.

Fines more than 5 Yuan, it will block your Borrowing privilege until you pay the fines.

There are three ways for you to pay your fines.

  • You can use cash or your campus card to pay fines.

  • You can answer some questions on the Internet to waive fines when your fine is more than 5 Yuan. Please click here.

  • You can do some voluntary work in library to waive fines when your fine is more than 5 Yuan. Please consult the librarians at the General Service Desk. 

How to avoid fines

  • Check your loans regularly via My Library.

  • Return recalled items on time.

  • Renew items via My Library.

  • Read your library notices. (Please register your email and phone number via My Library.)